Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Lily's preschool once again hosted Trunk or Treat.
We bought Lily a pirate costume because she's into 'Jake and the Neverland Pirate'.
However, she insisted that pirates were for boys and therefore, she needed to be a princess.

Nanny had given her a Rapunzel costume for her birthday, so we assumed that would work.
Lily had other ideas.  She wanted to be Cinderella!  She wanted a BLUE dress!
She was one ticked off lady that her costume didn't match her vision.
After some distraction from Daddy and the promise of candy, she got over it.

William spent the evening snuggling and can't wait until he can join in the festivities next year!


katieharris said...

i don't know much about princesses, but I'm sure they have more than one dress, so she totally was Cinderella, her blue dress was just at the dry cleaners :)
Also, if my mommy eyes are correct, it looks like you have an Ergo for Willy O! I LOVELOVELOVE ours, hope yours gets lots of use too and keeps him cool.

MJS said...

Nanny should have known. Blue is Lily's color! "Tangled" was soooo her obsession at the time. Next size... it will be a BLUE Cinderella! ...then she will want pink or yellow. At least she wants to be a princess, never her mother's choice.

Lindsay said...

Yes, a hip mama from Seattle recommended the Ergo and I am loving it! William has taken some great naps in it while I've busy chasing around his crazy sister.