Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Nanny came to visit while Daddy was out of town.
These two have so much fun together.
We loved having her visit and, as always, wish we lived closer to our family!
William was thrilled to spend time with Nanny as well!
Lily got a much needed haircut.
We trimmed 2-3 inches off the back, but very little off the front.
Business in the front, party in the back. :)
After picking Lily up from school while William was at home, I accidentally put her into William's carseat.
She thought it was hilarious.  I am officially losing my mind.
And before you think I forgot to dress her, it was actually PJ day at school!

Our neighbors saguaro fell down after a long weekend of rain.
It was rotten on the bottom and I guess the saturated ground couldn't hold it upwards.
Mommy went back to work a couple days a week during audit season.
William has a new nanny and seems to love her!
(She text me this photo during their first day together!)

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