Monday, March 11, 2013

7 months

~You have TWO teeth this month.  The bottom middle.  You've been pretty miserable working on them, so we're happy they finally arrived.
~You are on the move.  Forward, backward, side to side.  You army crawl, plus what Ryan calls 'the worm', but are very close to actually crawling.
~You can sit up unsupported for a few seconds before toppling over.  However, you much prefer to be on your tummy scooting around and are not that interested in sitting and playing.
~You spent your second night away from Mom, and didn't bat an eye.  While you continue to be a mama's boy, you sure are loving on your Daddy right now.  Only he can get the best laughs and coo's out of you.  You are one happy, smiley little boy!

 ~You've settled into a solid routine thanks to our twice a week babysitter, and not being dragged back and forth to Lily's school, etc.  Milk four times, three solid meals, two good naps, and an early 7pm bedtime.  We are thankful to finally have a predictable routine in our lives.
~You are finding your voice and 'singing' along with me when we rock before bed.  You say 'bah bah bah bah' most often with a little 'mamama' mixed in for good measure. :)

We love you William Tommy.

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katieharris said...

You FOUR are just adorable. Makes me so happy.