Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Butterfly Exhibit

Nanny's goal is to never go more than six weeks without seeing Lily and William.
So last week was a quick visit before she is back for Thanksgiving.
We were ALL so happy to see her!

Off to the new Butterfly Wonderland we went.
The experience started with a 3D movie, which truly was fascinating.
Then a room full of cocoons in different stages.
Finally, into the rainforest exhibit to see thousands of butterflies in a natural setting.

thank you Nanny, for making sure Mom was in a picture too!
humidity?  what's that??
After a fun and educational adventure, we went to our favorite place...the train park!  
We hadn't been since last spring and were thrilled that cooler temps mean we can start venturing outdoors again.

these two break out into showtunes at every opportunity. Lily loves her Nanny so much!
 William wasn't too sure about the train ride. Once the whistle blew, he hung onto me for dear life.
I didn't mind the extra snuggles one bit. 

Neither kiddo liked the carousal.  Not my favorite either!

Another fun week with our Nanny.  We spent the rest of her time just doing our everyday, soccer, park play, etc.  Mom and Dad also snuck off for one day and celebrated eight years of marriage.  So thankful for each other as well as our very supportive extended family!  Counting down the days until Nanny's next visit!

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