Friday, November 1, 2013


We had a fun few days celebrating Halloween.
Lily really got into it, and had lots of ideas of activities we must do.
First off, making a jack-o-lantern.
ewww, gross!
after lots of practice, she chose this face
"ugh, Daddy, that is stinky!"
final product!
(she took a bath break while Daddy finished up)
We were thrilled to have the class pet over Halloween.
Cat in the Hat got himself into a little mischief.
While helping us bake pumpkin muffins, he climbed into our mixing bowl.  Silly Cat!

 Lily spent much of the morning creating a tiger mask to scare the Cat.
Finally, Daddy was home and it was time to trick-or-treat.
It's hard on a four year old having to wait all day long.  :)

Mema sent Lily and William a box of goodies last week...inside was a Ladybug Girl costume.
Lily was beyond thrilled, and immediately changed her costume idea.
(She originally wanted to be Cinderella, hence William is a mouse)

stop taking pics..I need CANDY now!
Lily had a blast trick-or-treating with neighbor friend Braeden and together they hit up every house in our neighborhood.
William lasted about two minutes before retiring to the stroller and cruising for the rest of the evening.

ran into the Whitson's - Kate, Lily, Braeden, William

 Mom and Dad joined in on the Halloween fun last weekend at an adult-only party.
Thristy...try a Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple!

A great 2013 Halloween!  Holidays are so much fun with these kiddos!

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