Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gobble Gobble

Another successful turkey day in Arizona!  Mom and Dad arrived to beautiful weather, excited kiddos, and a happy daughter/son-in-law.  We always love when they are here and had so much fun!

Highlights included:
~the food, of course!  The boys grilled a beef tenderloin while we gals cooked up (waaayyy too much) side dishes
~a long hike on a gorgeous day
~fun walks, riding bikes, playing catch, running around the cul de sac.
~multiple runs to Home Depot for the boys as they added to the Christmas lights display
~Nanny and I enjoying a morning to ourselves while checking out the Black Friday deals
~lots of laughs, story telling, great conversations (from both adults and children alike)

We are so thankful for our family and thrilled they came to spend the holiday with us once again!

this cracked me up...three apple products entertaining my family

lots of outdoor play while the boys grilled
we officially have a walker.
we want to go shopping too!!!
A very special treat...Grandma and Aunt Mary were flying through Phoenix on their way to see Aunt Janice in California.  With an hour and a half layover, it was just enough time for Ryan and the kids to enjoy a Thanksgiving breakfast with two of their favorite ladies!

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