Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas post, round 1

We arrived in Kansas to sub-freezing temps after enjoying 60s in AZ…to say our systems were in shock is an understatement.  While I tend to hibernate while home, Ryan and the kids love to explore and visit with as many family/friends as possible.

My snow bunnies ready for the cold and a quick snow ball fight.
{I'm sure I was in flip flops refusing to go outdoors and pretending it was warm!}

We caught these two sharing a sweet moment…unfortunately they saw the camera before I could snap a shot. #fruitloopsandsillystories #siblingbonding

After Christmas Eve Mass with Grandma and Grandpa O, we went to kick start Saylor family Christmas…and all it's shenanigans.  We mixed up our "tradition" and began opening presents on the Eve, just to ensure all 23 of us had time to wrap it up (pun intended!) before separating to our other families on Christmas day.

{Lily made a special gift at preschool and dragged it from AZ to KS.  
She was one proud gal of her Joseph/Mary/baby Jesus figurine and showed it off to anyone who would listen!}

pretty as a package

Papa Kurt, his ladies, and their new "Jawbone UPs"

Reece was beyond thrilled with this gift from Uncle Tom.
Apparently, his mom won't buy this favorite snack…Uncle Tom to the rescue
a note to Santa, written by Lily

I say it every year, but how lucky are we to still spend Christmas Eve/Morning with grandparents, uncles, cousins, etc just like we've done since I was a child.  Very thankful for each one of my family!

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