Friday, January 24, 2014

Uncle Tom

[Backtracking a bit to the first of January]
We had a very special visitor…Uncle Tom came for a few days while Pam was working in Tucson.

We picked Lily up from school and headed straight to the train park.
I was shocked…from the moment Uncle Tom arrived, William was 100% comfortable with him.
They rode the carousal and the train together, and William let Tom carry him around the whole time.  
He didn't once cry or ask for me to hold him.   That boy loves his male relatives!

We spent most of the visit hanging out, dining, and lots of time building train tracks and vroom vrooming cars.
Plus a fun day at the zoo.  This time our favorites were the orangutans.  

We are hoping Pam's Tucson conference will be a yearly thing so Uncle Tom has to come each January.  
Already looking forward to next time!

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