Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nanny's house!

{The kids and I spent two weeks in Kansas visiting as many family and friends as we could squeeze in.  Ryan stayed home to work (and as Lily says, take care of Ellie-dog too!).  While we missed him so much, we loved spending quality time with some of our favorite people.  I am going to break our trip up into a few posts…so get excited for a little blog activity over the next few days!}


William had a rough time settling into bed the first few nights we were home.  When I went up to comfort him, he would say "Down.  Papa.  Sit."  He settled down immediately on Papa Kurt's lap, begged for his hand to be tickled, then headed off to bed without a peep.   

We woke up one morning to a thunderstorm.  William was enthralled with the rain and a little nervous of the thunder.  The cooler temperatures the first week we were home were absolutely amazing!  Such a treat for my Arizona babies.   

Driving Nanny's "tractor".  Lily drove all by herself around and around (and around) the pond.

Sprinkler fun! It really is the little things in life.  Water plus soft green grass made for a fun, and wet, morning!

Papa Kurt spoiling Lily with both ice-cream and being allowed to sit in Nanny's living room with food.  Nanny and I were on edge watching this occur!

Mom and I snuck away to KC for two nights, while Lily and William enjoyed one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa.  An amazing dinner at Novel with Mallory and Casey the first night...

…and a blast at the Rieger with Papa Kurt and Kelly on night two, while Mom was living it up at the Paul McCartney concert.

{Lots more fun and photos to come….}

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katieharris said...

Fun times in S-town! I love William's obsession with hand tickles. After visiting you guys, I started doing that to Elise and she gets so relaxed she almost goes comatose :)