Saturday, August 2, 2014

Grandma & Grandpa, plus a special extra!

Our adventures in Kansas continued with Grandpa and Grandma O!  To make our time extra special, cousin Liam spent a week in Sabetha while we were home.  Liam and Lily will both start Kindergarten this fall.  These two had a great week together and created many summer memories!  

Liam and Lily checking out Grandpa's motorcycle and exploring the shop {Daddy was a bit jealous - he'd like to ride that bike!} 

William continues to prefer men, and asked to sit with PaPa any chance he would get.  Grandpa's lap is often full with both these sweet boys.  

Saturday morning, we had breakfast at Buzz Cafe.  After the kids finished, they were having a hard time sitting quietly while the adults chatted over coffee…so off to the park we went.  Getting our sillies out!

A trip to Kansas wouldn't be complete without fun adventures in the country!  You can not mentioned Kansas to William without him saying "PaPa horse!"  Both kids loved petting Timber, Lily fed her a few times, and was even brave enough to sit by herself.  

Another favorite was riding Grandpa's "tractor" (don't you love my city kids and their version of tractors, ha!).  Off to the woods they went, where Lily gathered treasures and William enjoyed the ride.

The best part of our trip was spending quality time with all our grandparents.  We don't make it home very often, and normally only during the crazy holiday season.  To spend one-on-one time with our family during the slow pace of summer was priceless.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules and for creating amazing summer memories with Lily and William!

{More adventures to come…}

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