Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall break {part 3}

{Wrapping up a fun week}

A few additional San Diego adventures:  
Auntie M, Casey, and I took the kids to SeaWorld.  Our favorites were the penguins, the dolphin show, and of course the Shamu killer whale show.  While Lily loved the park, I'm not convinced it was worth the time and money.  But we had fun, none the less.  

We rented a large home with a great yard, including a playhouse for Lily and William, grass (!), and an awesome pool/hot tub.  Once the boys arrived, lots of time was spent swimming.     On our last afternoon, they were having so much fun, they barely noticed that Mom, Auntie and Nanny snuck out for some quiet girl time and happy hour!

Such a great week enjoying the California sun, spending time with family, creating lots of laughs and new memories.  Thank you all for joining us on our California adventure!

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