Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fun weekend visitors!

We had a great long weekend with two very special visitors - Grandpa and Grandma O!  We tried to squeeze in all our favorite activities mixed with our regularly scheduled events (soccer games, Starbucks run, ha!).  

First up, a gorgeous morning hike on the trail directly behind our house.  Lily was cracking me up - she took off running with the comment "I can't help it Mom.  The trail is just too pretty!"  

We also headed to our favorite 'cooler weather' restaurant, Greasewood Flats.  It's an old bunk house turned into a country music/biker bar/best hamburgers in town venue.  After exploring the area and enjoying our meal, Lily and William danced the night away…and convinced Grandpa and Ryan to join them!  

No pictures were taken, but Ryan, William, Grandpa and Grandma spent one day driving north to Sedona.  They experienced the amazing red rock country, fall leaves, quaint lunch with Oak Creek Canyon as the backdrop, and of course, great company.  I must admit, I was slightly jealous as I've never been up north in the fall…but also greatly appreciated a full day to myself while Lily was at school!  

Lots of special memories were created in a few short days.  Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for coming to visit!!!

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