Sunday, September 4, 2016

4th of July weekend

What made the trip to Kansas even more special...Lily stayed behind with her grandparents for six days all by herself.  She had an AMAZING week.  She played with Nanny, did Meals on Wheels and lots of lunches with Grandma, swam with cousin Maggie and spent time with Uncle Matt and Aunt Kristin.  This is the #1 thing we regret and miss about moving away from Kansas...our children having everyday, normal experiences with their families...nothing extraordinary or out of this world, just comfortable, silly, laidback time with those who are number one in our lives.  

Lily had an incredible week, with just a few tears toward bedtime each night.  Luckily her nanny was primed and ready with FaceTime and we all survived the days apart.  But the reunion was pretty sweet....

After a quick night at home, we put Lily back into vacation mode and headed north, out of the heat, and into the amazing town of Flagstaff.  Nanny and I had the kids to ourselves for a day and had fun driving through Bearizona.  I wish videos translated well on the blog...William and his fear of rolling down our windows is an absolute treasure. Bear, buffalo, wolf, or tiny bird.  It didn't matter, the rules said windows up and he was terrified any time we'd even put our fingers on the button.  #dying laughing.  #while he was absolutely petrified

Once the boys joined us, we spent one day at the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  Papa Kurt had been numerous times as a child, but Nanny had never seen it.  We took the bus along the Rim route and were ALL amazed at this world's wonder.  The beauty and magnitude are truly indescribable.  And Ryan's tendency to lean the kids over the edge....divorce material, right there!  :)  Have I mentioned my fear of heights?  

Speaking of which, we walked down the Bright Angle trail for maybe 100 yards (this was the trail I came up after hiking 25 miles from the north to the south rim...but we ended in pitch darkness and could not see behind, in front, or below us).  I was completely freaked out at the steepness and the pitch of the drop off....Papa Kurt and I high tailed it outta there while the rest giggled at our nervousness and joined us at the top.  Guess it was better I hiked in the dark??!??

The best part of Flagstaff in the summer (beside the 30 degree temp difference) is the 4th of July parade.  While cheesy for adults, the kids can not get enough and the small town feel is something Ryan and I cherish our children experiencing.  

We are so lucky Nanny and Papa agreed to fly back with Lily so she could experience Kansas on her own and then we could all enjoy a family vacation in what Ryan and I call the "Colorado of Arizona"....we truly love Flagstaff and feel like it's our second AZ home.

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