Tuesday, August 30, 2016


There truly is no place like home.  Thankful Ryan and I can both call this beautiful part of the country as ours. This tiny town in NE Kansas is such an fun destination point for Lily and William.  Fun with Grandma and Grandpa, playing on the 'farm', volunteering for Meals on Wheels (honestly Lily's favorite part of the trip!), seeing the horse and playing with the cat, just enjoying the freedom of grass and a big front yard.  And lots of one on one time with Nanny, Papa Kurt, Uncle Matt/Aunt Kristin/Maggie/Sam.  Priceless for two littles and their parents!  

While 'helping' the family move Mema out of her apartment into assisted living (which as an 88 year old strong woman, she wasn't exactly thrilled about), Uncle Tom and I took a quick break to grab sandwiches for the crew.  On our way, we stopped by Washburn to check out Tom and Pam's Christmas gift to Mema this past year.  My grandmother, her college degree in 1949, followed up with a master's later in life, is truly an inspiration.  For better or worse, Lily and I get part of our strong personality from Mema, but (and!!!) I am beyond thankful for her progressive nature, her liberal thoughts on women's rights and beyond, her 'absolutes' (ask Ryan, I am right even when I know I'm wrong), and her knowing what works for her and not being afraid or stifled over it.  We have strong women on the Saylor side that we like to call Spirited Women, and the Trusdale women should be included in that category!  I am so proud of all the strong women in our family.

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