Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great friends!

I am so lucky to have such great friends! This past weekend, two of my best friends from college threw me a baby shower in Kansas City. Lesley and Annie were sorority sisters at K-State - we have remained close through the years as Lesley married Tyler who is one of Ryan's best friends, and Annie and I worked together upon graduation plus Ryan and I are proud to be the god-parents of her son, Sutton. We gals had such a great weekend catching up as all the boys flew to Dallas for a 'boys weekend' (a Royals/Rangers game and Jimmy Buffet concert - one last hurrah before the baby arrives).

Of course, the girls threw an amazing baby shower for the Little Lady! Fantastic decorations. Who knew these girls became so crafty after college!!!

Lesley, Annie, and I

All the gals from college - Amanda, Kelly, Lesley and Annie

Christy and Bryn - great friends from Sabetha

Melissa, one of my best running friends. Jessica, we missed you!

The PwC gals - Nicole, Carolyn, and Lela

Any finally, the Trusdale clan. Mema, Darby (ugh, how is she 13 already!), me, Auntie M, Nanny, and Soni

Thank you all so such. It was lovely to see so many of you, and Ryan and I are once again blown away and thankful for the generosity of all our friends and family!


MJS said...

What a fun day! Fantastic food, loads of great stuff, and wonderful friends and family. Annie and Leslie, you are the best!! Thank you so much.

Annie said...

We loved throwing Little Lady a shower!!!! Can't wait to meet her!!!! What a great weekend! Definitely need to do that more frequently!!!