Friday, April 10, 2009

Thunderstorms and Hiccups

Due to a thunderstorm and high winds, our power was off for approximately three hours last night. Luckily, the Little Lady was in show-off mode and put on a little entertainment for us. Ryan and I were lying around, reading with flashlights when suddenly my stomach started doing a little dance. Apparently, she had the hiccups…..for ten minutes….we just sat and watched my stomach bounce, and giggled at her. I'm going to miss feeling her once she arrives, but am getting pretty excited for my quickly approaching due date.

Shout out to Bryn - we ate Dos Reales last night, and I attribute the Little Lady's activity to her loving the cheese dip as much as we do! Hmmmm so yummy, let's meet for dinner soon!


A. Lehman said...

Hey- We just found your blog! It will be fun to keep up as your little one comes closer! Tim and Amber

Bryn said...

I'm glad to hear that she enjoys good Mexican food as much as her Mommy!!! And Yes, Dos Reales sounds great- just say when.

katieharris said...

I just started salivating at the mentioning of Dos Reales and their cheese dip. YUM!!

p.s. needing an updated picture of you and belly. it's not like I get to see you very often, you know :)

Annie said...

Um good thing I was not there- I hope there are not any storms this weekend!!!! I remember the hiccups- so funny- i use to think Sutton was just super active then I realized they were hiccups!!