Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Sweet Revenge!

Ryan and I have been immersed in childbirth classes the last few weeks. (And I've been trying to get him to write his thoughts down on our breastfeeding session as he had a few entertaining observations…hopefully a post will come soon from him!). This week's class included the empathy belly - an upper body suit weighing around 40 pounds. Each dad was given the chance to wear the belly, and us mom's-to-be enjoyed forcing the dad's to do tasks such as lying down and then rolling over, bending to pick up a pen, tying shoes, etc. While I'm not convinced that five minutes with the belly gave Ryan a true picture of what it actually feels like lugging around the Little Lady, it did give him a small glimpse into my world - he admitted that lying down and rolling over was pretty hard work!

Sorry for the poor quality of pics - I forgot my camera and used my phone instead!


The Frazee's said...

hilarious!! yea, i agree definately not long enough-should do it for at least 24 hrs!!

Kaebs said...

crying tears of laughter...so funny, but not long enough to evoke any sympathy!

katieharris said...

well, it's official—Ryan DOES make a pretty lady. I never had any doubts, but this will silence the naysayers.

Paige said...

love it! Nick got to wear it during our class too! 5 minutes is definitely not long enough!

Take care!

Annie said...

Love it! I wish Brian had worn one! I must get on of those next time!!