Friday, June 26, 2009

Move over Paula Radcliffe, I’m back...

Ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration since Paula won the 2007 NYC marathon 10 months after the birth of her daughter.  But her feat is a huge inspiration for a new mom and I was thinking of her last night.  Why, you might ask?  Well, because despite the heat index being well over 100, despite the fact that I had eaten a huge dinner one hour earlier, and that I was exhausted after spending the day with nap-less Miss Lily, I RAN four miles!  

Ryan has been such a great husband/dad, taking over baby duties when he gets home from work and giving me some time to myself to go for a walk, run to the grocery store, cook dinner uninterrupted, or just veg out for a few minutes.  This has helped keep me sane as I need, crave, and LOVE my alone time…always have…and since Lily has come into our lives, that time has been cut short dramatically.  I’m loving every minute of staying home with the little lady but it can be exhausting to always be rushing through a shower, the laundry, the grocery store, the mall,  just in case she decides it’s time to eat or needs a new diaper.  It’s a huge change, and makes me appreciate every moment with and without her. 

So last night, I was able to head out the door with the intention of going on a long walk.  But instead I decided to see what it felt like to run (I’ve attempted this before, and made it less than 10 steps).  The first block felt good, the first half mile felt better, and after a mile, it felt almost normal.  Yes, my lungs were screaming.  And my hips aching.  And my knees, calves, and back throbbing.  But despite, or maybe because of this, I felt in a small way like I’d gotten a little piece of me, as an individual and not a mom, back…..I came home hot, sweaty, and out of breath, but completely relaxed, refreshed and ready for another day as Lily’s mom and Ryan’s wife, but also my individual self. 


Kara said...

That's awesome Lindsay!!!! You go girl- 4 miles - good night, that's a LONG ways!
I'm needing some alone time too- hmmmm how can I get that? I'll work on it!!

Kansas said...

I bet you'll be running Boston next April! Way to go girl!