Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Busy baby…

This past weekend, I was one busy baby…

I helped Dad do his laundry.


I spent Friday night with Auntie M while Mom and Dad went on a date. Auntie M is my #1 babysitter!


I went to my very 1st movie (We went to the 11am showing hoping for the least crowds. Mom fed me and I passed out for most of it!)


I walked down to the Blue Moose and giggled at my mom throughout the entire dinner.

I socialized with a few friends while we all enjoyed a “bottle”


And met my girlfriend Taya, who turns one this month. We love this little gal - she is the sweetest, happiest baby and will be a good role model for me!


I relaxed while I watched Mom make dinner.


and spent some quality time with my sisters.


Now I’m exhausted and ready for my bath and bed


Annie said...

Ok she seriously looks so much like Mallory! Everytime I see her pictures I think of that now! So cute! Taya and Lily will be such good friends!!

Jolie said...

Great pictures Lindsay!! She is so cute!