Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Do you think that's mustard"

A quote from Ryan while we were eating lunch, as he picked up Lily and noticed a yellow droplet on the floor. However, when he noticed another droplet on his big toe and a smear on his shirt, we quickly realized that it was in fact, not mustard.

"Do you think that's mustard", said with the infliction of slight panic and a glimmer of hope, is our favorite new parent quote.


The Frazee's said...

that is funny!! we have the same quote here, except its with milkduds :)

Michael Huebner said...

Wait, you mean to tell me that isn't really mustard I got on myself the other day (even though I never eat mustard)??

katieharris said...

gross. i used to like mustard, but now i'm just going to be thinking of Lily smears whenever i eat it. thanks :)