Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy 2 months

July 31, 2009. I can’t believe Lily is 2 months already.  Time is flying by way too fast and she is changing every single day. 

Lily at 3 weeks in the same outfit – wow, she has grown!


A few Lily facts……

*You are sleeping through the night consistently with a ‘good’ night being 10-11 hours, and a ‘bad’ night being 6-7 hours.  Most nights are ‘good’ nights.   I attribute this to the amazing miracle blanket (thanks for the suggestion Vickie, I owe you!).

Miracle Blanket – Baby Swaddling Blanket – Beige

*You are smiling and cooing each and every day.  You think your dad is by far the funniest person as you give him huge gummy grins every morning when he wakes you up, and each night when he gets home from work.


*You love long walks in the BOB stroller with Mom.  We go in the mornings and you normally either fall asleep or stare at me and coo. 

*You are a very good eater, and only get fussy when you are hungry or tired.  You thus far have a very laid back temperament.

*You are starting to grip onto your burp rag, blanket, and toys.

img_0226 img_0223

*You have huge eyes and recently your long bleach blond eyelashes have turned dark brown – just like your mama!

*Your ‘schedule’ has recently changed.  You used to eat, play for 30 minutes, and crash for a few hours.  Now after 3pm, you take zero naps and want to be held until bedtime.  Cute at first but oh boy does mom’s arm get tired!

*Bath time is your favorite time of day.  Even when fussy and tired, you smile and talk the entire time.

*You no longer hate tummy time, but only last between 5-10 minutes before screaming.


We love you more than words.  Happy Birthday Lily!


Jas said...

i guess i have missed the "amazing miracle blanket" clue me in lindsay!!

katieharris said...

cutie! love reading all her growth updates. and i too think her father is one of the funniest people. goes to show that even babies with limited skills/vocabularies can even relate to ryan :)

Annie said...

aww she is getting so big! Man I must get a miracle blanket next time! She is such a good sleeper!!! She is such a cutie!!!

vwiese said...

oh yes, I am so happy you are using this blanket, I hated it when our little guy was too big for it. I would still have him in this at night if i could. Carrie just had her baby on thursday and I can't wait for her to try it out. So happy it is working!