Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby’s first Christmas

CHRISTMAS EVE at Nanny and Papa Kurt’s house. 

Due to the incoming blizzard, church was cancelled and we were snowed in.  Who could have imagined the extent of the storm – we were snowed in until Saturday, and couldn’t see Grandma and Grandpa O until Sunday! 

Lily decided she would check out all the presents under the tree. 


Are all these for me?


Oh, I found one with my name on it!  I can barely stand the anticipation….do we really have to wait until morning to open?

Lily was a lucky girl to open one present Christmas Eve.  The belly flop on top of the gift is priceless.


Thanks Kristin, Lily loves her new toy!  It seriously kept her entertained all weekend. 


 img_0870 img_0871

Santa came!  He brought PJ’s (even for Mom and Dad…ha, ha) and cute boots!

img_0883 img_0889

Go State and nose kisses with Auntie M.


My doll’s name is Lily and she speaks both English and French.  Thanks Auntie M, I laugh every time she speaks to me!


Lily had lots of helpers when opening her presents.  

CHRISTMAS at Grandma and Grandpa O’s. 


Aynslee, modeling her present opening attire.  Such a cutie!


Oh I’m so excited to open my present!


An attempt at a group photo.  Ha, I love it!


Unfortunately, we had to cancel Ryan’s extended family Christmas due to weather.  But we just had to see this sweet new addition – Letty Paige - so we ventured out into the elements.  She is just beautiful, Leann, and that hair, oh my!  Lily is excited to play with her new cousin throughout the years!

We had such a special Christmas this year with Miss Lily and feel so thankful for all of our family.  We love you all!


Kara said...

What a great first Christmas for Lily! I loved the pics!

Annie said...

Oh my goodness she is so cute opening gifts! Love the pjs! I must get sone for Brian sutton and I! Glad you had a merry Christmas!!