Monday, April 5, 2010

10 months

March 31, 2010.  


A few Lily observations:

* You are a pro at pulling yourself up and walking around and around and around the coffee table.  You are so proud of yourself and giggle the entire time.

* You have three words - Da (Daddy), Gah (dogs), and Ma-Ma.  You very consistently use Da and Gah appropriately and sometimes call me Ma-Ma. 

img_1161 Happy Birthday Auntie M!

* Oh my, what a temper.  I could have written this blog post myself.  I think you are trying to test the limits, assert your independence, and see just how far you can push Mommy.  But flailing your arms in the air, throwing your head back, and letting out an ear piercing scream is not cute nor sweet nor entertaining.  So please stop acting like your mother when she doesn’t get her way.

*Kisses!  You have learned how to kiss.  And while it’s so stinking cute to see you coming in to plant a big one on my face, you might consider that open mouth, tongue sticking out is a little gross.  You can continue to kiss like this while a baby, but if you try it when you are 13, you will be grounded and sent to live in a convent. 


* You have developed quite an aversion to all males except for your daddy.  You duck your head against my chest whenever you see a stranger coming your way. 

* You are starting to become a little cuddler.  You will sit on my lap or lay your head against my shoulder for a few minutes at a time – this is a huge change from when you were a newborn.  Before this, you never sat in my lap or cuddled unless you were sick.  I LOVE IT!

* Your smile and laugh lights up our world.  You squint your eyes and wrinkle your nose when you think something is funny.  It melts our hearts every single time. 

We love you more than words.  Happy Birthday Lily!


katieharris said...

too cute, too cute, too cute!!!! i want Lily kisses. we miss you all.

Jolie said...

Lindsay, what a great post! Lily is getting so big; what a cutie!