Friday, April 30, 2010

11 months

April 30, 2010


* You no longer take a bottle at daycare, but are solely on the 'straw' sippy cups.  You were not a fan of the regular sippy cups, so we skipped straight to a straw and you figured it out like a champ.  Next we'll work on transitioning from bottle to cup at home.

* You are sooooo close to walking.  Often, you 'accidently' let go of whatever you are holding onto and stand on your own, but once you realize it, you get nervous and sit down immediately.


* We have full on separation anxiety and drop off at daycare is often NOT fun.  Which is why Mommy makes Daddy take you most days! 

* Dance, dance, dance.  Whenever you hear music, you get into the groove.  Poor girl even dances to my singing.  You either have really bad taste or are completely tone deaf.

* You have three teeth – two on bottom and one peaking out on top.  You wear size 3 diaper.  For clothes, you can still wear your 6 months tops and onesies, but are in 12-18 months pants for the most part.  Short waisted, long legged.  Just like your mother.  Get excited for jean shopping as a teenager – this body type makes it a lot of fun.  Or not. 


* You've added another word to your vocab.  Uh-oh.  Except is sounds more like OHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  You think it’s funny to drop your bottle or toy, look up at us, say “uh-oh” and then wait expectantly for it to be handed back to you. 

* One of your favorite games is 'feed Ellie' who sits under your highchair during all meals anxiously waiting for a quick nibble.  You love to reach out and share, giggling while she licks your hand and steals your goodies.  Once you are full, you systematically drop morsels of food one at a time onto the floor, then lean over as far as you can to watch as Ellie quickly devours.  We need to work on stopping this bad habit..............

* Every where we go (and we are on the go a lot!), people ask us if you are always so happy, smiley, giggly.  We are so fortunate to get to answer, truthfully, YES.  You continue to be such a joy each and every day.  You are the light of our lives, and we can't imagine our family without you.  We say every single day just how lucky we are. 

We love you more than words.  Happy Birthday Lily!

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