Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bliss, I tell ya.

Six days on an amazing Caribbean island.
Sans children.

Ryan's company trip this year was to St Maarten.
Beautiful hotel. Beautiful beaches.
We overslept every morning.
Stayed up way too late every night.
Enjoyed socializing with his co-workers across the country.

We missed Lily so much.
But enjoyed a few days by ourselves.

My view each day.

Wednesday night was a casual welcome dinner. Poolside.

Let me tell a little (hypothetical) story.
Ryan loves Bob Marley.
Ryan sings Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds"
Caribbean singer says Ryan is pretty good.
With a slightly surprised expression.
Ryan spends the rest of the week claiming Jamaican ancestors.

Phoenix office representing...Ryan, Jason, and Patrick

Thursday, we went into town for dinner.
Started with a cocktail overlooking the ocean.

Then enjoyed an amazing dinner at a quaint French restaurant.
(The island is half French and half Dutch)

Our dining group.

It happened to be my birthday.
Which meant candles on my dessert and the whole restaurant singing to me.
And banana rum shots.
Because we're in the Caribbean, remember!

Friday was the 'gala'...aka fancy night.
I can not even begin to describe the venue.
A house perched on the mountain overlooking the ocean.
Better than anything I've seen on "Cribs" (ha, is that show still on??)

Saturday night was the farewell party.
Normally held outside, beachside.
This year, it rained and was moved inside.
Kinda ruined the party.
So our group decided to create our own party.
By stealing two bottles of wine from the bar and heading outside to smoke cigars.
Good idea right? Glad we didn't have the flight/shuttle that left the hotel at 5am.

Thank you, Ryan, for your hard work so that we could go on this trip.

And thank you, Grandma and Aunt Mary, for spending the week with Lily so that it was possible for us to leave town.

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Kara said...

Oh my gosh! This looks amazing! I'm quite envious!!! So glad you enjoyed!!!!! Good for you!