Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day?

Did you have a happy Mother's day?
Mine was, let's say, memorable.
I had breakfast (and lunch and dinner) in bed.
I watched more cheesy Lifetime movies in one day than I thought possible.
I had absolutely no responsibility for taking care of Lily.

I was quarantined to my bedroom.
With the flu.

Happy freaking mother's day, huh?

There were some perks.
No whining.
No tantrums.
No diaper changes.
No making meals and having someone refuse to take one bite.
No cleaning up messes.

No park dates.
No fun, silly, random dance parties.
No extra sweet hugs and kisses.
No family day on the one day each week we actually get to just hang out together.

On this Mother's Day, I missed being a mom.

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