Saturday, May 21, 2011

Extra special play date

What a fun trip to the train park!
Ryan's cousin Leann is in town visiting her sister Kristen.
Though she is his cousin, she is one of my best friends from high school.
So it was an extra special treat to see her.

The sisters invited Lily and I to join them for a park date.
Kayl (5), Lily (almost 2), and Letty (18mths)

Poor Kayl had to play with the little girls. But she is always such a good sport.

Lily kept calling Letty a baby even though she is just a few months younger than her.

And Letty was probably tired of both bigger girls tugging on her all afternoon!
(By the way, Lily is super jealous of the cousins' heads full of hair!)

Who would have guessed after all Leann and I's fun memories growing up, that years later we would be cousin-in-laws (is that a word?), watching our little girls play together.

What special, new memories we are creating!

After many visits to this park, Lily finally sat on a horse.
She would still not do it when the carousal was moving, but it's at least progress!

Can you tell someone was excited for the choo-choo train?

All abroad, she says!

Thanks for including us in your park date. Looking forward to many more in our future!

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katieharris said...

Cousins! How fun! Hopefully some day we can come to Arizona and join in on the family fun :)