Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend

We spent the holiday weekend out of the valley.
Up north, hoping and begging for a short break from the heat.
Sedona, Red Rock country, was every bit as beautiful and amazing as I expected.

Lily was super thrilled that Nanny and Papa Kurt came to AZ for a mini-vaca.
However, she was less than thrilled with the overly packed back seat.

We gals drove up a day early and spent some time exploring Sedona.
And of course checking out the swimming pool.

The boys came the following afternoon.
We spent multiple relaxing evenings enjoying the views from our balcony.
And of course subjecting Papa Kurt to our evening dance party session.

We would sit outside, soaking up the gorgeous weather, after dinner each night.
And every single night, a family of javelina's meandered below us through the brush.
Complete with a mother, father, two kiddos.
And this old guy.
Who wandered behind, looking lost, trying to keep up with his family.

Cooler weather and entertaining wildlife, that's all I've got for you.

Just kidding.
More posts to come - including wine tasting in Jerome, a trip north to Flagstaff and a hike through the Red Rocks.
Check back soon!

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