Thursday, July 7, 2011


From Sedona, we took a daytrip further north.
We drove through Oak Creek canyon, with it's a narrow, winding, climbing road between Sedona and Flagstaff.

We then drove through Flag and headed for the Arizona Snowbowl.
A ski resort located in the San Francisco peaks with a 11,500 foot summit.

Our original plan was to go on the sky ride.
But once we arrived, this mama wasn't so sure.
Have I mentioned my fear of heights?

Lily got a kick out of watching the 'chair' go around and back up the mountain.

When asked, Lily said she wanted to "ride the chairs."
I was way too nervous due to the open nature of the chairs.
But after much discussion, we decided she would be fine riding up with us.
(Can you guess who was on the losing end of this one?)

Lily thought it was hilarious and was so excited to go on the 'ride'.

Mommy was in her own personal hell.
Made worse by a toddler who kept saying "Daddy, let me go. I stand up!"
Seriously shoot me now.

But the view at the summit might have been worth my significantly raised blood pressure.

It's hard to see in the picture, but the ridge in the far distance (middle right) is actually the Grand Canyon 70 miles away.

I faked happy and posed for a few pictures at the top.
While muttering to myself "how can I get down without riding that thing again!?!?!"

Down was worse....but I survived and would do it again.
But only because Ryan and Lily had such a great time.

On second thought, you two are on your own!
You can instead find me at the base with a cocktail and good book.

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