Monday, December 31, 2012


Lots to celebrate upon our arrival in Kansas for Christmas...

~A successful (and very last minute) 23 hour drive after a cancelled flight.  We received notification around 9:30am, made a snap decision to rent a car, and were on the road shortly after noon.  Lily was a trooper - she played lots of games, watched a few movies on my phone and was all around a very good girl.  William was happy as long as one of us sat next to him holding his hand.  We have nicknamed him 'high maintenance'.  :)

~An entire week to spend with family and friends.  Ryan hadn't been home in a year and was extra excited!

~Lots of family and friends meeting William for the first time.  We were thrilled to show off our newest addition.

~Spending one evening with just my siblings and parents - I can't tell you the last time that happened!  It's been years since our immediately family was all together without an extra crowd.

we missed our Auntie M and were so happy to see her!
knock off "Stetson salad" from Cowboy Ciao...amazing...thanks Nanny!
can you tell how exhausted Ryan is after being awake for 48 hours?
meeting Uncle Matt and Aunt Kristin for the first time!
lots of fun with Papa Kurt
it's been years since the three of us hung out without a huge crowd
thankful for such a fun evening!
(ignore my no-makeup, bags under my eyes after being awake for two days straight)
A fun night to kick off a very Merry Christmas week in Kansas!

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