Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The big ditch

We headed out for another adventure on a beautiful cool, crisp morning.
At around 32 degrees, we Phoenicians were loving the wintery start to our day.
Lily couldn't figure out what was all over my car...so we had to explain frost to our AZ gal.

Thanks to our Finnish friends Lily & Mimi, who lent us winter attire!

After we warmed up the car and drove an hour north, we reached our destination...the Grand Canyon.
It was spectacular of course and even Lily was impressed!

whoaa Daddy, what's through the trees?!
speachless...which for our girl is saying a lot

William slept...guess he thought it was a bit boring
Lily insisted on leading us around the entire day.
I seem to remember doing the same thing on family vacations growing up.

I could barely watch Ryan and Lily on the ledge.
Between my fear of heights and a crazy three year old, I was close to losing it!
Pictures don't do the Grand Canyon justice.  We feel so lucky to be just hours away from such an amazing natural wonder.  We can't wait to visit again...but this mama might have to wait until the kiddos are a bit older and not so 'adventurous'!


MJS said...

Let's have a family reunion at the Grand Canyon. Mema can sing for us like she did in college.

jennifer anderson said...

she is such a little cutie!