Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Four months

December 10, 2012
Weight - 14 lb, 14 oz. 49 percentile
Length - 26 1/4 inches. 90 percentile
Head - 41 3/4 cm, 37 percentile

 A few thoughts
~You have mastered rolling from back to tummy.  The moment we lay you down, you flip over.  Last week, I came home from exercising early one morning to find Daddy in your room.  I asked if you had just woken up but Daddy replied sheepishly that actually HE woke YOU up - he noticed on the video monitor that you were sleeping on your tummy and panicked.  Guess he doesn't know the rule of never waking a sleeping baby.  :)
~Speaking of sleeping, I hope I can safely say you are sleeping through the night.  After a week of reverting back to 2am, you have consistently been sleeping until 6am or later (Daddy woke you up at 6:45am).  With the exception of a few nights when your arms was stuck in the crib...a bumper is on your Christmas list!
~You took your first car trip up North and were an awesome traveler.  You even slept decently in a play-n-pack while your sister stayed up late watching Disney Jr!
~Your laugh is just fantastic and makes any rough day so much better.  Of course you giggle the most for your big sister and she continues to love entertaining you.
~You LOVE to 'stand' and have spent a little time in the exersaucer.  This month, you have discovered your feet and are constantly taking off your socks.  Time for some shoes to keep those toes warm!

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MJS said...

What a happy little elf! Can't wait to snuggle.