Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5 months

January 10, 2013

~We have officially decided you are high maintenance.  You insist on a warm bottle.  You want to be rocked to sleep.  You prefer to be held as much as possible, and really only want your mama.  
~Yet you have the sweetest smile and giggle, so we immediately forgive you for your demands. 
~When you actually allow me to put you down, you love to roll and roll.  I often find you far from where you started...including under chairs, tables, etc.  
~You also love your exersaucer, which is a huge relief for will keep yourself entertained for quite a while, especially if big sister is nearby (she is pretty funny to watch!) 

~You grab at toys, our food, Lily's hair, etc.  You put absolutely everything in your mouth...we are pretty sure a few pearly whites will be popping up any day.
~You went to your first K-State football game.  Such a trooper after a long day of tailgating and a very late night!

~I should know better than to brag that you are sleeping through the night.  After the holidays, both you and your sister were sick, and we had a few rough nights giving you extra cuddles.  You took advantage and decided to return to waking up numerous times....therefore, we spent a week in 'cry it out' mode.  It appears we are heading in the right direction, but I'm nervous to say we are back to sleeping through the night!  :)
~You truly are a happy baby and every day with you is such a joy.  We love you, William Thomas!


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness Lindsay he is so darn adorable!

katieharris said...

that little man is so cute. That top picture looks a lot like Lily did when we visited KC when she was about 7 months old (maybe?). Yaay for sleeping through the night (even if not consistent)!

Mallory Saylor said...

Hehe that bowtie is hilarious. Happy 5 months, William!