Thursday, January 10, 2013

Saylor Family Christmas

William was so excited to finally see this small town his family keeps telling him about!  
And Nanny was pretty excited to show him the ropes.

Casey and Auntie M were thrilled to introduce us to Kona Bear.
William wasn't sure what to think of this massive puppy, but she turned out to be awesome with kids!

Hi Papa Kurt and Nanny!
Thanks for letting us crash at your house for nine days!

We were of course joined by all the Trusdale clan.
(Cooper, Uncle Tom, Ryan)

Darby snuggled William most of the weekend.
She's going to be one good mama someday!

Uncle Matt, Aunt Kristin, Sam and Maggie - such a cute little family.

Look, a photo of me!  
(Thanks Aunt Soni for being aware that moms tend to forget to take pics of themselves!)

Ever tried coffee flavored Patron?
I highly recommend, especially with my three favorite ladies.

Three generations - Auntie M, Mema, and Nanny

This was the first year Lily understood Santa.
When she first woke up, she whispered "do you think Santa came last night?"
He did!  And she had a blast opening both her and William's stocking.
But she was a little concerned Santa forgot to eat his cookies...oops!
We had to explain that he must have been very full by the time he delivered her presents.

Present opening was pretty great as well.
However, she got overwhelmed half way through, and just handed out gifts instead of opening hers.
Then finally decided she was over it....we found her hiding in the dining room playing by herself.

When she did participate, she spent a lot of time snuggling with Darby.

But mostly, she followed Reece around, helped him with all his presents, and begged for his attention.
He, as always, was one awesome kid and very patient and kind to her. 

William spent most of the morning snuggling and taking in all the craziness that is Saylor Christmas.

As always, we are so lucky our entire extended family continues the tradition of Christmas all together. 
It's my favorite day of the year, only because I am able to spend it with all our favorite people!

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Rachel said...

How awesome the whole clan gets together! Looks like it was a great Christmas!