Wednesday, January 23, 2013


cooking pancakes with Daddy
It's been awhile since we shared Lily-isms.  Here are a few entertaining stories...

~One afternoon, I walked into the kitchen to find Lily laying on the floor doing sit-ups.  Without a shirt on.  Because that's how Daddy does his exercises! 

~According to Lily, "Mommy and Daddy have BIG tootervilles, I have MEDIUM tootervilles, and William has ITTY BITTY tootervilles!"  She is confused though…Mommy is perfect and never has tootervilles.  :)

~At Lily's parent/teacher conference this year, her teacher said Lily is a great student, good listener, and very sweet.  However, she keeps everyone (including her teachers) in line, not in a malicious or snotty way, just wants everything to go the way it's suppose to.  Ha, we see the same thing at home.  She assures me Lily is thriving with her 'strong' personality and using it for good.  We worry about that a lot, so were relieved to get a good report.  Her teacher also mentioned that she is starting to play with a few girls and breaking away from her 'boy-only' clan of friends…however, Lily does not like the girlie or dramatic girls, but prefers the tomboys.  Love that!  

~A reminder from an exhausted, sobbing three year old after a long trip home after Christmas…Mommy:  Lily, stop arguing with me.  I am the boss and you need to listen.  Lily:  Noooo Mommy, you're not the boss.  God and Santa are the boss!

~When watching basketball with Daddy:  "Daddy, what are they doing now?"…Dad: "Well Lily, each team is allowed to have 5 players on the floor at a time, and…"  Lily (interrupting) "Daddy?"  Dad:  "Yes Lily?"  Lily:  "Do they take a shower after the game?"…Ah, girls

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