Saturday, May 11, 2013

9 months

May 10, 2012
Weight - 19 lb, 12 oz. 35 percentile
Length -29 inches. 76 percentile
Head - 45 1/2 cm, 57 percentile

~You love to sit independently and play.  You also love to flip onto your stomach and scoot around the house in search of mischief.  You open and close cupboards over and over again, bang toys together to see how loud a noise you can make, and knock down towers so big sister can rebuild them.  In other words, you are ALL BOY!
~You have this new pterodactyl screaching noise that is ear piercing.  You are not upset when you do it, but instead are excited or just trying to get Lily's attention.
~You pull yourself up onto your knees, and a few times onto your feet, without assistance.  We found you standing in your crib after naps, so had to drop it down - you look like such a big boy in bed now!

~You have the coolest eyes.  Depending on the amount of natural light and what you are wearing, they are either green, brown, orange, or sometimes dark grey.  Reminds me of your Daddy's eyes - always changing colors!
~You have started a few 'everyday' foods.  Of course, your favorites tend to be junk food - veggies straws, pieces of bread, etc.  You are a hungry growing boy and wave your hands in excitement when I put you into the highchair.
~You continue to have such a happy, pleasing personality.  You are extremely free with your smiles and quick to laugh.  In contrast, at your age,  your sister made us work for giggles and would look at us like "I'm unimpressed.  You've got to try harder than that."  Smart girl.  :)
~You are a wiggle worm and it's hard to hold you.  Which breaks my heart, as I've so enjoyed having a snuggly baby.  Rocking you before bedtime is no longer an option.  You stand up and giggle in my face while I sing.  And reading a book...ha, not gonna happen unless the book is waterproof. 

We love you, William Tommy, and are so thankful for you each and every day.

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