Monday, May 27, 2013

It's my party!

We hosted a small pool party to celebrate Lily's 4th birthday.
She wanted to be 'Princess Lily' on the drive to the pool and got ready all by herself!

Lily had a great time swimming with her best friends...
...including her Daddy!

Happy birthday to our sweet 4 year old!

When asked what she wanted for her party, she said CHOCOLATE!
Chocolate pudding, chocolate cookies, chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate cake
She was thrilled with all her treats!

Melissa and Kelly
Roy, William Tommy, Ryan, and Eric
Kate forgot her swimming suit and this three year old was able to fit into William Tommy's trunks!
Skinny little love!
William, Lily, and Braeden
William Tommy wasn't his normal cheerful self (I'm blaming four teeth ready to pop)
But he did have fun crawling around after the crazy big kids
William, Melissa, and Thomas
We missed Stew, who unfortunately was attending his grandmothers funeral  :(
our neighbors, Emily, Eric, and Braeden
these two have lots of fun while playing together in the cul de sac each weekend!
my boys!
and that's a wrap, folks!

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katieharris said...

Oh Lily, HAPPY birthday! Can't believe she's 4! I especially love the last picture. You're a good mom for giving her a chocolate birthday like she's asked :)