Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 months

August 10, 2013

~You are eating a few more 'normal' foods.  Your favorites are deli turkey and cheese, plus of course the traditional cheerios.  
~You spent your first weekend away from both mom and dad, and survived with flying colors.  But we sure missed you, little buddy!
~You learned a few new tricks this month.  You can clap your hands and love to cheer on your sister's crazy shenanigans.  You can climb stairs.  I turned my back for 30 seconds and found you upstairs in the loft toy room...I'm amazed at how fast you are!  You walk along the furniture and push chairs/trash cans/etc around to practice.  You are one energetic little boy and constantly on the move. 
~You have three teeth with three more on their way.  You were a bit grumpy for a few days, but seem to be turning the corner and back to your happy self.
~You are going through separation anxiety which makes it hard for others to hold you.  And breaks my heart hearing you cry when we have to leave you!
~You've favorite game this month is 'catch'.  You love to throw a block or ball at me and giggle when I throw it back.  Another favorite is 'singing' into a plastic love how your voice echoes and are so proud of yourself.  
~You are starting to show an ornery side.    You smile and giggle when I tell you no, which of course melts my heart.  I can already see you will be the charmer your daddy is...I've never been able to tell him no either.  :)
We love you William Tommy!  

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