Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Photo bomb

{Iphone photo dump}

These two play so nicely (most of the time!) and are quickly becoming good friends.
Lily spends lots of time reading, cuddling, and sharing with her brother.
And William wants to do absolutely everything his big sister is doing…
...which as you can imagine, can lead to a little sibling rivalry/fighting. 

This is typical William…lots of smiles, balls, and cuddling with his 'night night'.

Beautiful winter weather and views at our local restaurant

Movie night in the backyard.  
A projector, white sheet, lots of snacks…and a group of happy kiddos.

William loves to rearrange the pantry.  Below he is organizing while I am attempting to clean.
Not very helpful, little buddy!

We continue to enjoy the great outdoors during the winter months, knowing the summer heat will be here soon.
I've been running a trail that starts directly behind our house and heads up into our mountains.
Absolutely beautiful and amazing how quickly I can get away in just a few short steps.

Look who is facing forward!  
Couldn't quite make it to the recommended two years old…such a big boy!  I love seeing his smiling face. 

Ryan and I enjoyed a date night at the Phoenix Open golf tournament.
We were steps away from local favorite, Phil Mickelson, and watched him walk into the famous 16th hole.  
Later, as the crowds dissipated, we snuck in to check it out ourselves.
We expect a few visitors to join us next year…Laur's, I'm talking to you!

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