Sunday, February 16, 2014

We're off to see the Wizard

Lily's big Christmas present from Nanny and Papa Kurt was tickets to the Wizard of Oz.
Luckily for Auntie M and I, Nanny bought four tickets…thus girls day!!

Nanny came to AZ a few days early to enjoy the sunshine…but mostly to hang out with these two crazies.
Lots of snuggling, reading…and barrettes!
William is in the stage that he wants to do absolutely everything sister and Mom/Dad are doing...
…including barrettes, playing with dolls, eating with adult forks, putting napkins on his lap.
And Lily continues to impress us with her "sistering".
She truly loves her brother, is almost always kind, and loves to mother him.
So thankful for our big sister and the sweet girl she is growing up to be.

We downloaded the Wizard of Oz movie, to prep Lily for the show and ensure she wasn't scared of the witch.
Both kiddos were enamored with the characters and the songs.  My favorite question from Lily…"why is it sooooo gray, then gets colorful???"

We're off to see the Wizard and kick off our special girls only day!
One of my only pictures of Auntie, but I have to say…Lily is absolutely in love with her Auntie.
When Mallory is present, only Auntie can sit by her, help her, play with her.
During the visit, Lily told us she wanted a big sister, and Auntie replied that that's exactly what an aunt is for.
I hope in future years, Lily (and Auntie) realizes how special their relationship is!

After the show, Ryan offered to watch both kids so that I could spend time with my favorite girls sans kids.  
We had an amazing meal, great conversation, and lots of laughs at True Foods.  
A fun weekend with my favorite girls!

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