Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Every day happenings....

A quick update on fall activities...

~ice skating birthday party

~Lily was home with a nasty cold for a couple days.  She was laying on the couch miserable all morning on a day Ryan was off work.  I've never seen a faster or more miraculous recovery after it was decided she didn't have to go to school!  So instead, breakfast date and lots of one-on-one time with our sweet girl! 

~breakfast downtown at the Phoenix farmers market.  A fun morning outside our suburban bubble.

~Lily's school has a new Mandarin teacher and all the grades performed at the Mid Autumn Moon Festival.  She loves learning this new language!

~William and his best friend James.  They are practically inseparable.  

~Someone snuck back downstairs because "I just want to read quietly near you please."  How can I say no to that sweet request!  Like mother, like daughter. 

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