Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Hour

Lily has decided every day after 3pm is her own version of a ‘happy hour.’  She eats.  A lot.  And does not sleep.  Until bedtime.  Which used to be 9pm.  But is quickly being moved up t0 8pm.  Because my arm hurts from holding her.  And my head hurts from her crying when I’m not.

Therefore, sometimes this mom needs a happy hour of her own. 


Looks like the little lady has finally passed out! 


Or not…



Jas said...

amen lindsay, every mom needs a happy hour or 2 or three or 4

Annie said...

haaaaaaa! Good post! I hear ya on that one! might as well enjoy a spirited beverage while your daughter decides to test your spirits!!

Paige said...

Definitely agree with you on that one Lindsay! I so remember those days!! I must say - love the outfit on Miss Lily!! She is a cutie! Hope to meet her in person!!