Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby, it’s cold…inside.

Mom, what the heck am I wearing? 

Lily, it’s zero degrees outside, and I’m absolutely freezing in our house.  Therefore as a paranoid first time mom, I have you decked out in fleece PJ’s with an additional layer of a sweater and baby legs.  Plus your ears seemed a little chilly too!


Gesh, maybe a little extreme ?  Oh well, whatever.  Since it’s so cold, can we stay in our PJ’s all day and play with all my Christmas presents?

Absolutely, that’s the plan. 

img_0939 img_0940

Great! Now get down on this floor and play with me!


You got it, girl.  Sounds like a perfect day to me!

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Leslie Scoby said...

She is just getting more darling every day. There is one picture on down where she has a crooked little smile and looks just like Ryan!!! Took me back a few years when I saw it! Enjoy your time and be thankful for the extra time you have with her now- like I am telling you something new!! So soon she will grow up!