Sunday, January 3, 2010


As we welcome 2010, I have been reflecting on the past year and all that I have to be thankful for:

* I am thankful for my husband.  Who is patient and kind.  Even when I have a few “new mom freak out” moments.  Or plain ole “Lindsay freak out” moments.  Or on mornings when I haven’t had my coffee and just need a few moments to myself……..

* I am thankful for Lily.  For a healthy baby, who is happy and loved by so many wonderful people.  Who teaches me that it’s the little things in life I should be excited about.  Like rolling over, learning to squeal, a sweet smile and a giggle.  Who teaches me that I often should ignore the phone or TV or computer.

* I am thankful for family.  Because I can’t imagine getting through our first few months as new parents without our families!  Because I am hopeful (and confident) that our families will be near and dear to our little family in the years to come. 

* I am thankful that this year has given me perspective.  For what is truly important in my life.  For who is truly important in my life.  I have discovered I don’t have the time nor energy for negative people in my life, and am thankful to focus on the amazing, abundant positive influences surrounding us. 

* I am thankful for a roof over our head and employment for me and my husband during these turbulent economic times.

* I am thankful for the new year.  For the opportunity to reflect on those moments and people I am thankful for, and those moments I wish to improve on. 

Happy New Year’s! 

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MJS said...

You always have and continue to be perfect in my eyes! I am thankful for you.