Monday, January 18, 2010


Cousin Katie was in from Seattle this weekend, and we were so lucky to spend a day with her.


This gal might be one of Ryan’s favorite people in the whole world….growing up with only a brother, Ryan thinks of Katie as the sister he never had. Let’s just say, my very unemotional husband shed a few tears when this gorgeous girl walked down the aisle to marry ‘the Todd’ last year!


Lily and Katie are two peas in a pod and enjoyed an ornery moment together.

img_0958 img_0956

We miss you Katie and were so happy to see you and Todd. We are looking forward to planning a trip to Seattle soon!

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katieharris said... make me tear up! Ryan's like a 2nd brother to me. It was so wonderful to get to spend time with you three, but it's never long enough. Lil' Lily is such a doll, I wanted to take her home with me :) Just wish I was close enough to babysit. I'll send you my pics from Sunday. Can't wait for you to come visit!