Thursday, July 1, 2010


What is wrong with my baby?

Almost perfectly coinciding with her first birthday, our little lady has begun to throw HUGE temper tantrums.

The kind where she kicks, she screams, she throws her head back, and wiggles out of your arms. Only to throw herself dramatically to the floor while continuing to wail.

What is she mad at? Maybe the fact that we took away a sharp object. Or made her get out of a bath after 20 minutes of playing.

Or she ran out of blueberries and refuses to eat any of the 20 different types of food on her tray, etc. Or raced up the staircase only to find a gate at the top. In other words, anything and everything.

Is she trying to assert her independence?

Is she frustrated that she can’t communicate what she is wanting?

Is she becoming a bratty little girl instead of my sweet, never cry unless she was really hurt or really hungry baby?

What am I doing wrong?????????

Luckily, one goofy distraction from Dad and tantrum easily averted. What would we do without him?!?!


The Frazee's said...

honey, when you get it figured out first let me know, then write a book

Michael Huebner said...

I think one of my coworkers put it best when talking about his daughter, "she's a female, I guess I couldn't expect her to be rational and easy going forever":)

Leslie Scoby said...

The fun is just starting!!