Thursday, July 15, 2010


We have quite the talker on our hands. We just sit and giggle at her while carrying on "conversations".

The language of Lily:

Mama - that's me

Dada - Daddy

Hiiiii - self explanatory, I think

Hiiiii eeee - Hi Ellie (the dog)

eeese - Cheese

eeese peeese - Cheese Please

mooor - More. Says this when eating or to tell me she is hungry. She says "moor" while smacking her highchair.

meeeek - Milk or Water

Noooce - Nose.

Ieeeece - Eyes.

Gah - Dog

Zoos - Shoes

Oh boooyeee - Oh Boy! Not sure where this came from, but she says it when she is excited or surprised by something.

Wha Tat - What's that. She says when pointing to anything and everything.

Each day she learns more and more, and we are just amazed at how fast she is changing!

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Kara said...

Oh wow, this reminds me of Audrey. She was such a talker. And Ike- um- he says Dada- that's IT!
Isn't that funny! What a fun little talker you have on your hands!!!!!