Sunday, July 4, 2010

35 years

This summer, my parents celebrated 35 years of marriage. And to mark the occasion, we threw them a small surprise party.

I think Mom was confused why in the world we were all there yelling "SURPRISE"!

Until Reece announced "Happy Anniversary" and then it started to sink in.

Still a little shocked.

Lily went straight to Nanny for a sweet cuddle (she was feeling a little under the weather and tired of being passed around like a doll. Poor baby.)

The Trusdale women, minus Lily who went home for the evening.

Ellen was the bait - she promised Mom and Dad a fun Jazz event at the Raphael Hotel. I hope they weren't too disappointed to spend the evening with family and friends instead! :)

Uncle Kent and Aunt Donna enjoyed the yummy food spread.

Cousin Catherine and boyfriend Nate.

Dad and Kevin act like brothers separated at birth. Two peas in a pod.

Ellen first met Uncle John while she and Mom were in college. He was like 10 years old then and hasn't changed much.

Auntie M and Casey

Such a pretty mama. I've got good genes.

Cousins Reece, Cooper, and Luke chillin with Uncle Kurt. This is the ornery crowd.

Darby, I was there the day you were born. How the heck are you starting high school in the fall. Ugh. I'm depressed.

We celebrated late into the evening and had a great time. Thank you everyone who joined us in the fun.

Congrats to Mom and Dad. 35 years is quite the feat! Cheers to 35 more!

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Kara said...

I did not know this- thanks for posting great & such fun pics. I'll be sure to pass on the congrats!
And yes, you have great genes!!!!!