Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dancing Queen

My little girl isn't exactly in love with her carseat right now and we've found the only way to keep her happy is to play music. Loud. But not children's songs, or nice quiet relaxing music. Instead, she prefers inappropriate tunes such as rap, techno, hard rock, or anything with a really fast beat (and often music this mama doesn't particularly like). She swings her arms, bobs her head, and sometimes sings along. Kinda cute. And a little annoying. Definitely makes talking on the phone in the car next to impossible. :)

Her father reported that she was dancing up a storm to ABBA one morning on the way to daycare. She is my little 'Dancing Queen', I guess. At least she loves her "Mama Mia!"

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The Frazee's said...

look at the little belly....pretty cute