Monday, September 20, 2010

15 months

August 31, 2010. Time flies when you're having fun….

Weight – 22 lb, 12.5oz. 50 percentile

Length – 31 1/2 inches. 85 percentile

Head – 18.5 inches. 80 percentile

~ You run, not walk, everywhere you go. You started walking right after your first birthday and haven't slowed down since.

~ You are extremely verbal, speaking 15-20 words, and starting to put together words into short sentences. Your doctor says you were advanced in this department...or as your Nanny says, you are "gifted". I think you've just inherited your father's gift for gab.

~ You are becoming a very independent little girl. You prefer walking by yourself instead of being carried. You prefer running the aisles of the grocery store instead of sitting quietly in the cart. You prefer feeding yourself all the time instead of accepting help with tricky foods like yogurt or hummus. While you are a bit stubborn with this new found independence, we love this trait about you!

~ You love your puppy dog. Your favorite word is 'doggie', which you call every animal you see. Your two new favorite games are holding onto Ellie's tail while she tries to get away, and chasing Ellie with wooden spoons and spatulas. You completely crack yourself up. It's so mean, but I am normally laughing too hard to make you stop.

~ You love to explore. We often find you deep into kitchen drawers, grocery sacks, purses, closets, etc. Subsequently, you hear the word "no" quite frequently these days.

~ You are taking this move in true laidback 'Lily' form. It took you just a few days to adjust to the new time zone, and our little apartment. You have been much more resilient than your parents, and we are so proud of you!

You have changed so much since your first birthday. You are becoming a strong willed, independent, but very sweet and giggling little girl. We love you more than words!

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Kansas said...

Your description of her character reminds me a lot of a girl that became my best friend when we were juniors at KSU, especially the "strong willed and independent, but very sweet and giggling little girl." Like mother, like daughter.